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Greetings new members!

The Staff here at Moonlit Shadows understand how daunting it can be when joining a new site or even looking at a new one before even considering joining one. So here is a little starters guide on what to look for on what you need to do to when creating a character and to get approved. Regardless we are excited that you are at least checking out Moonlit Shadows, feel free to jump into the discord server as it is guest friendly, (thanks to the titan widget) and say hello or to ask any questions as we are here to help! Also a heads up for when registering, please register for In Character accounts with First Name Surname, using correct capitalization and a space in between.
What is Moonlit Shadows about you ask? Moonlit Shadows is an original themed Teen Wolf Role Play site set in after the shows final season by a few years but with a dark, and gory twist. We hope this will create new and interesting plots that can draw in new comers as well as those familiar to the fandom! Here are some links to what must be read before you get started, so please look at these;

Face Claims
Wanted Adds

Also it would be nice if we get to know the player behind your characters so post an Introduction!

Creating your character

Here is a brief guide to how to create a character! First up, after you have read through everything. You need to write up an application for character. You can find our templates here. In regards to what we expect in an application for a character we expect at least roughly 200 to 300 words for the personality and appearance parts each and at least roughly 500 words of history. Note that is for Traditional style, if you would rather go freeform, the word count is 800 words. Well fleshed out characters that are not 2D are something we love. We don’t expect you to reach this word count exactly, as we just want you present your character as best as possible! Note if you have some specific idea that you want to incorporate into your character and you are not sure if it will be allowed pm one of the Staff and we will do our best to help you figure it out!

In regards to canon characters:

If you are looking into taking on the role of a canon character of the show Teen Wolf, you may find that some of them might not fit in the new setting as they will have some reason or another that keeps them from coming down under. However we have a list of canons native to Whitewood Falls. In regards to canons in general we expect you to be an experienced Role player as often it is harder to pull off a canon character as they are already set in stone for the most part. Before writing an application for a Canon character please look at the Canon List, if you have not done so already. Note if you make a Canon character you are expected to be very active and we would expect you to post with them at least once every two weeks. We also have a few 'show canons' on site, and we do have a small not so detailed list about possible show canons that could make an appearance. We will be likely expanding both show and site canons eventually so watch this space as the plot unfolds!

After your character has been approved:

Once your character has been approved there are several things you must do before you get started on the role play. 
To start with please visit the claims section and start making your Claims. Please fill out all the claims that are relevant to your character. At minimum you should be filling out the Face Claim and posting in the Members Directory. Next feel free to start plotting/shipping with others in the Development Section. Please do use these to take a look at other peoples characters and find threads to participate it! Also please take note to fill out your mini profile out fully so everything looks neat and tidy!
Once all those are done you are now free to start Role Playing which is the fun stuff, Yay! For starters you can go ahead and plot with any other characters that are already on the board or make an open thread for anyone at random to join, which you can list here so that people can find them! We have limits as to what Can be created, some species will have a note next to them saying that they require admin approval and some just won’t be playable all together, so if you are not sure on that PM one of us staff or poke about in the Discord Server!
If you've finished a thread we ask that you post in this thread to let us know it's done so that we can put it in our archive!

Activity Levels.

In regards to activity we expect players to be reasonably active. One must be able to make at least a few posts a week. We will be posting Activity checks at the end of each month. If you do not respond within a week of the Activity check, your character will be put in storage if it is an original character and made open if it is a Canon character. We will, PM you at the end of each month and close to it to alert you of said check! If you are unable to post for whatever reason or you have something that prevents you from getting to post on the board, please post a Letter of Absence, which will automatically pass your characters through an activity check until the end of your notice. However even that has its limits if you fail to return within a few months without at least updating us we will PM you and should you fail to respond within a few days, rules as per normal will be applied!

Content in Threads:

In threads we expect you to keep to the rules all the rules. Respect the rules and respect each other and we shouldn’t have any problems. The Staff are not babysitters, though we do understand that clashes happen; we shouldn’t need to mediate your drama because you shouldn’t have any. That said, if there is a problem please do PM us and we’ll do our best to sort things out for you. 
We are an 18+ site, as such anyone to be found that is under 18 will be banned from the site and their characters will be deleted. This is due to base material content as well as forum content. That said, if a thread would be considered mature, please do still mark is as such in some way because some people just don’t enjoy reading that stuff. Just use the [mature] prefix, thanks.

Out of Character Conduct:

In regards to Out of character conduct, we expect you to treat all members with respect and decency that you would want yourself. We are a LGBT friendly site, but just respect everyone and we should be good. This is for both in and out of character as some of our characters might just prefer the same sex over the opposite for whatever reason they have! We also expect you to be mindful of peoples’ beliefs and not to mock them. To mock people based on belief or sexuality will end up with an instant ban so you have been warned!
Do note we have a discord server! Do The same rules apply for the server as the forum, bullying will not be tolerated and please don’t spam. Don’t advertise in the server as it is rude, we have an advertisement section for that!
This forum as a community means a lot to us here at Moonlit Shadows, as it is a lot of hard work running it and we hope you all appreciate the hard work we put into running it and making it a fun and safe environment! So we welcome you and hope you have fun!

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