The Plot


Whitewood Falls home of about doctors, professors, businessmen, scientists, and even more so, the supernatural. From faraway it’s a beautiful coastal town with amazing people and a mixture of rich culture, and human rights. It is also rich in history, with dark past and even darker secrets. What they don’t see is the crime that lingers in the shadows. Biker gangs ruled the clubs, and built notoriety for themselves from stuck up parents, for drugs sex money, and breaking social norms. An older generation clashing with the newer generation as views on gender and sexuality changed, when a teacher came out as homomsexual at the local highschool, but still remained employed. That is the least of this towns mundane problems. 

Under the surface the supernatural have been struggling to survive this last couple of decades. Hunters have come and gone trying to take them out, the local Werewolf pack being gunned down as a result. Humans remained in the dark as the supernatural continue to hide their existence, while it costed their lives to protect more than just themselves from the darkness that had been growing from the toxicity of the town’s dark history. Now in 2017, the record continues to climb as the wildlife has strangely began to turn violent. Dingoes attacking people, birds dropping dead, pets being torn to shreds, and even more scary the supernatural community is feeling the effects of something darker lingering in the roots of Whitewood Falls.

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