Ash Kiran King | Werehummingbird | 18 | Asexual
Ash's human form is like any other. She has blonde hair that is short down to her ears, it wasn't what she wanted but her hair had been cut to make her uglier and less appealing. Thankfully her once choppy, ugly and unwanted hair cut has been doctored into a better hair style that is all her own and one she chose instead of having someone else choose for her like what happened with her kidnapper. Her eyes are a deep blue that show no hint of her blindness. Her skin is currently an unhealthy paler but it is slowly getting back to a healthier tone after her years of captivity and no sunlight. She has a magnitude of various sized scars on her body from her imprisonment, the most obvious ones being on her wrists and ankles from where too tight shackles bit into her skin, the others are covered and hidden by her clothes. Because of the starvation and mistreatment she endured she's not as tall as she could be, she stands at 5'3 and weighs less than she should, she weighs only 83 pounds and is very skinny in build.

Like all werecreatures she has a partial form that looks a mix between beautiful and scary, at least that is what she believes anyway. She gains iridescent feathers on her forehead, face -with smaller ones around her eyes and eye ridges-, cheeks, neck, shoulders, along her arms and the back of her hands, she even gains several that hang down the entire length of her arms from armpit to wrist like makeshift wings that she can't fly with, collarbone, breasts, ribcage, upper and lower back, stomach, waist, hips and thighs. Those surprisingly soft feathers are covered with prism-cells on the tops of the feathers and on the underside of the feathers on her 'wings', when sunlight hits these cells, it is split into wavelengths that reflect to the observer in varying degrees of intensity. This is what causes her dull feathers to change colors depending on the angle of the light that hits her feathers and 'wings' and is facing the observer, not everyone will see the same color as someone else unless they are standing right next to someone else and even then depending on the angle they are looking at her, the color or shade could still be different and not the same as what the person next to them sees. Her nose and mouth fuse to become a beak that has two rows of smaller teeth like in her human form and she still possesses a tongue although it is smaller and slender to fit her new beak. She will also gain talons on her hands and feet. Her eyes will become a bright blue as a sign that she has taken innocent life, instead of their normal darker hue they are when she is in her human form.

Being a born shifter/werebird, she is one of the special few that can shift fully into her animal form, however this is due to her imprisonment and the need to fight for survival both physically as well as emotionally and mentally. She along with many others suffered from her captors torture and torment but she was one of the few that actually managed to survive that hellhole. Several died in it, some even by her hand. Others died on the way to the hospital or just minutes after seeing the sun again after so long of being without it and thinking they would never see it again.  Her form is that of an Iridescent Hummingbird. As one can see from the pictures, she is mostly black with coppery brown inside her wings most of which are easily seen in the parts were she doesn't have prism-cells on her wings. She is usually this dull black and white, as she has some white mixed into her tail feathers and the underside her tail feathers are white and her feet are white, while her claws, beak and talons are black, when in shade, on a cloudy day or when not in sunlight. Her eye-catching bright blue eyes is sure to be an attention grabber as well because one will see her sins as clear as day. As one can see in this form she is exactly like a hummingbird through and through -save her very much human mentality- and is just as small as one, which makes for useful places to hide as she can easily hide in small places or in someone's pocket, bag or backpack if need be.

Ash was born into a family of shifters. Shifters that were known as werehummingbirds who came from the Aztecs, in Central America. They came from them or more specificity the famous hero Huitzil, who's full name was Huitzilopochtli, which means "hummingbird from the left." The "left" is the deep south, the location of the spirit world. Hultzil was the first werehummingbird, followed by several others. Hultzil fell at a key moment in an important battle. His body vanished and a green-backed hummingbird whirred up from the spot where he had fallen to inspire his followers to go on to victory. After his death Hultzil became a god. The Aztecs came to believe that every warrior slain in battle rose to the sky and orbited the sun for four years. Then they became hummingbirds. In the afterlife those transformed heroes fed on the flowers in the gardens of paradise, while engaging from time to time in mock battles to sharpen their skills. At night the hummingbird angels became soldiers again and follow Huitzil, fighting off the powers of the darkness, restoring warmth and light. As dawn broke, the hummingbirds went into a frenzy. The sun rewarded them for this by giving them a radiant sheen.

In honor of their fallen heroes and warriors and the hummingbirds in which the Aztecs decorated their ceremonial cloaks with hummingbird feathers. The chieftains wore hummingbird earrings. Aztec priests had staves decorated with hummingbird feathers. They used these to suck evil out of people cursed by sorcerers. Hundreds of years later Aztec warriors no longer had to die to become hummingbirds and gained the ability to do it naturally and at will and were able to shift from man to hummingbird. At first this ability was only gifted to males, until it was also given to women. At first it was seen as taboo for a woman to be able to turn into a hummingbird but as the years passed it became commonplace and girls and women shifters were valued and respected and trained to be warriors just as the boys and men.

In an Aztec ritual dancers formed a circle and sang a song which included these words "I am the Shining One, bird, warrior and wizard." At the end of the ritual young men lifted young girls helping them to fly like hummingbirds. This ritual was often preformed to welcome new shifters, new werehummingbirds into the fold. That is how things were done until things changed, from an ancient tribe into one single if large family. Ash was born into this family in the 1900's, 1999 to be precise. However, there were complications during her birth which had resulted in her mother dying giving birth to her and her twin sister who died minutes after she was born. Those complications not only cost her her mother and her younger twin sister but also her sight as well, as she was born blind.

For a full year her father couldn't take care of her, couldn't talk to her or even bear to look at her and she was dumped onto another family member, one who was more than willing to take care of the blind baby who she swore up and down that the little blind girl would be a werehummingbird. There was no doubt, the little girl was a fighter, was a warrior just like their ancestors before them. Her father stepped back into her life after getting sense knocked into his thick skull by his brother-in-law and his own older sister. He was welcomed by his own daughter who was much too young to know the difference or care or even understand what was going on, all she knew was that she had three people instead of just two that cared for her and adored her and smothered her with affection and love.

She had come into her werehummingbird powers when she was seven years old. She hadn't yet shifted but she had found out about her vision, how she could see through the hummingbird's eyes and it had been so utterly terrifying that she had screamed and cried and panicked and had a meltdown for a full twenty minutes, scaring her father, aunt and uncle half to death when they had burst into her room upon hearing her hysterical screaming and crying. Things had been explained to her -but only after she calmed down enough to listen to them calmly and clearly- and over the course of a year she was trained in how to handle her powers, at least the ones that showed up. Vision was the most important thing and one she needed to get used to or else she'd never be able to handle being a werehummingbird.

She hadn't exactly been doing anything dangerous. Nothing except waiting outside the school for a family member to come pick her up and take her home. That never happened, because instead of the familiar sound her aunt's car, she heard an unfamiliar sound of a car stopping feet from her and didn't even get to scream before a rag soaked in chloroform pressed against her mouth and nose which knocked her right out. She didn't know it then but she had been tossed into the back of a van and taken somewhere. Kidnapped just five minutes before her father drove up to pick her up from school. She wouldn't know the hell he would raise when he couldn't find her and found that she wasn't anywhere on the campus or somewhere in the school. She wouldn't know of anything until she awoke again and would find herself in a jail cell, in an old and abandoned but refurbished prison with her kidnapper.



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