Aseru "Fade" Kamia | Kitsune (Wind) | 27 | Grey-Homosexual
Like all Kitsune without human heritage, Fade didn't get his human form until he was 100 years old. Because of this he can easily shift from Kitsune to man and back again. Since he has lived for so long he is able to mask his kitsune aura and make it so that he can be masked from the enhanced eyes of werewolves and other beings and of course photographs and human eyes as well. He can make it so that this aura is visible to other supernatural creatures, as well as being visible to the naked eye. His kitsune aura is a flaming orange just like every other kitsune. His foxfire is unique to him being either silver (wind), light blue (ice) or a silvery-blue (wind and ice). The silvery-blue happens more often than not because he doesn't always use pure wind and instead mixes it with ice. When he creates or generates the energy balls he can manipulate the size that they appear as and can create a total of ten mini ones that will hover just above his fingertips. These spheres will be created of both wind and ice or just wind or just ice.

Fade's human form has long wisteria purple hair with a couple of his bangs being black while the rest are purple. It serves as being very eye-catching and he likes his hair being this color. His eyes are a dark blue like the night sky (unless he is using his kitsune powers, then they are a glowing orange) and his skin is pale. He isn't terribly tall or muscular but instead somewhat on the shorter side of things as he only stands at 5'7 in height and is slender but even so he does have some lean muscle on him it's just not easily seen.

Because he has lived for five hundred and seventeen years, he has gained the ability to turn into a regular fox. His fox form is beautiful if you were to ask Fade for his opinion. Black furred with gray and silver mixed in and a silvery-white tipped tail. His eyes in this form take an earthy light brown color.

Years before Aseru “Fade” Kamia was even conceived. A Japanese samurai known as Ashida Kamia was the samurai of a powerful Daimyo who kept the strong and powerful and dedicated samurai around, even if his actual yen pay was replaced with rice. Ashida stuck around because that was the kind of man he was, he was loyal to his master and didn’t wish to become a Ronin. Masterless Samurai didn’t live long after all and the world was changing. Everyone could sense it happening, could feel it. Change was coming, and it would come soon.

The castle was in an uproar. Guards and maids were rushing to and fro interrupting the samurai’s morning training with the gossiping of maids, servants as they hurried to perform their duties. He heard rumors, strange tales that sounded too outlandish to be true. The long raven-haired samurai with eyes the color of the night sky just shook his head and continued with his training. Trying and failing to put the strange rumors of a temptress out of his mind. Why would his master waste his time with capturing some American woman? It made no sense. Why would he chain her and throw her in the dungeons? He’d go down there later to see if the rumors were indeed true. Ashida did go down into the dungeons to visit the strange alluring captive but it wasn’t of his own free will. No, instead his master had ordered him to bring food down to the stranger and he did so because he knew better than to disobey his master or backtalk. If he did, he’d be the one going hungry tonight and he had no desire to go hungry. Even if he was seriously getting sick and tired of eating nothing but rice for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The chiefs were nice enough to mix things up and do different flavors, different toppings and on rare occasions when they could get away with it hide different foods under the rice, so it wasn’t always the same thing day in and day out. Which made eating the rice more bearable.

As he reached the last stair of the stone steps and walked past the empty cells to get to the only one that was in use. The warrior almost dropped the tray when he saw the captive woman. She was breathtakingly beautiful. He’d never seen someone with hair the color of a wisteria before. Nor had he seen eyes that were the color of moonlight (silvery-blue) before either or skin that pale or someone who looked breakable and fierce at the same time, especially from someone so [i]tiny[/i]. He would eventually learn that her name was Eve and that she wasn’t as powerless as she appeared to be.


Eve was not happy. Far from it really, she was pissed! She was angry at this stupid human for daring to chain her up! She was angry at being captured! Mostly she was angry at herself for slipping up in the first place! She was angry that she messed up so badly that she got captured and shackled and thrown into a large cage. She was a Kawa (River) Kitsune who over 600 years old. She had no way of escaping because water did not reach this deep under the soil and stone of the dungeons in the palace that she was kept.

She had expected to be left alone for longer than she was, a day and night at the very least with a guard of two posted outside her cell door and two more stationed at the entry way and then two more at the entrance to the dungeons. She had expected to be questioned and tended to in the morning. She hadn’t expected to be fed that night, much less having food being served to her by a warrior instead of servant. Maybe the Daimyo wasn’t as stupid as she had first assumed? She was getting fed by someone who could fight her or at least defeat her and recapture her if she dared to try and escape. The Daimyo wasn’t taking any chances not with her. The man before her wouldn’t be tricked by her, the sharpness in his night sky eyes was obvious.

She wasn’t expecting him to unlock her cell and step in with her and close and lock the door behind him. She watched him like a hawk as he stopped in front of her and set the tray down in front of her. “You need to eat.” Was all he said. She didn’t move watching as he sat down and mentioned for her to do the same. She did so… but only after glaring at him for a full minute before she copied him. “How do I know that he didn’t poison it?” she shot back voice cold and sharp. “Well then I guess we will both end up dying tonight.” He said with a careless shrug of his shoulders as he took one of the bowls from the tray and a pair of chopsticks. Eve watched him intently as he took a bite and then another and another. She reached for the other bowl and chopsticks. Frowning in distaste as she held them in between her fingers. How could anyone eat with these stupid thin pieces of wood? Ugh… whatever. She’d deal with it. Surprisingly neither of them died that night due to poisoned food. Not like she would have died, but the foolish samurai would have, the man was human. Wasn't he?

That night as he left her cell, taking the tray with him and locking her cell, her told her something. “My name is Ashida, Kamia Ashida and for what it is worth, it’s been a pleasure meeting you.” And just like that, he was gone, and she was left staring after him as his footsteps receded up the stone steps and two pairs of footsteps came down them with voices that weren’t Ashido’s. The guards sent to watch her for the night were coming down to do their duty.


Eve learned his secret days after he had confirmed the rumors about her. She knew he was a werebear (brown bear) and he knew that she was a Kitsune and that that was the reason for her capture in the first place. It was nice to know that they were more or less in the same boat, the only difference was that she was trapped with literal chains and shackles and he's were from his lifestyle, way of the sword and his loyalty to his master. They were both prisoners, just in different senses of the word.

Days turned weeks and weeks into months and then months into years. All of them, every last one carried on just like that. Ashido bringing her food and them talking and slowly growing closer and closer, closer than guard and prisoner. They became friends long before they ever became forbidden lovers. They fled the palace after one of their many nights together turned fruitful. Being on the run was difficult more so for Eve as she was with child but they made it work and were safe when their son was ready to enter the world.

He was born a Ktisune like his mother. He was full Kitsune and his infant form greatly confused his father who didn't understand that Kitsune babies didn't gain a human form until 100 years of age. That had to be explained to Ashida and even then it still confused him. How could they hide him and keep him safe for that long? They were both still wanted and had bounties on their heads. He was surprised when he was the one who would get to name his son, he excepted Eve to want to do that, but instead that honor was given to him. It took the man a full twenty-four hours before he could think up a good name for the baby, his son. Finally, the next morning his son was given the name Aseru and when she had been told the name's meaning she had to agree that the name was perfect for him. Aseru meant "fade" and it really was a good name for a Kitsune, especially since he would most certainly be living up to his namesake.

After a hundred years and some very close calls and fights were his parents had to kill just to survive and Aseru himself had to kill a few times too when he was kidnapped or taken from his parents in an attempt to be used as a bargaining chip to draw out one or both of his parents. Aseru learned from a few short years after birth that sometimes one had to kill to survive and protect the ones that were important to them. This was the first lesson that Aseru was taught by his mother and father. He took the words to heart and used them whenever he found himself in a dicey situation.

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